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Dr. Willis has been providing orthodontic treatment since 1996.  He is board certified and has acquired his Diplomate to the International Board for Orthodontics.  Dr. Willis truly enjoys transforming each and every smile into the healthiest and most beautiful smile it can be.  Dr. Willis will look at both the physical aspect of the smile, including the TMJ joint, as well as the aesthetics of each and every smile.

Dr. Willis avoids the extraction of adult teeth. In the last 18 years, less than 1% of Dr. Willis’ orthodontic cases have resulted in the extraction of adult teeth. When necessary, Dr. Willis’ orthodontic approach uses appliances that resemble a retainer to help to move or re-shape bone, so our patients NEVER have to wear headgear or neck gear. Treatment time for most of our patients will generally be around 18 months. What does this mean?  This means that not only do the orthotic appliances make treatment time shorter, but you also make fewer trips to our office, saving time and travel expenses!  The shorter the time spent wearing braces also means that our patients are less likely to develop cavities around brackets and/or bands.

We are also a general dentistry provider, so we can monitor each and every aspect of your dental health. We can provide regular cleanings throughout orthodontic treatment without having to coordinate schedules with another office and we can even treat cavities at the same time if necessary.  Dr. Willis’ staff will set up cleanings with orthodontic appointments together in order to provide convenience to our patients. By the end of orthodontic treatment you will have become familiar with Dr. Willis and staff, and will be happy to know you can continue with our office for any General Dentistry service you may require.

After orthodontic treatment is complete, we give every patient two upper retainers, so you always have a back-up should one get lost or broken.  You will also receive one permanent lower retainer! Another end-of-treatment bonus for our patients is the free in-office whitening!  What a great way to introduce your new smile to family and friends!!

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