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Word on the Street

I have been a dental patient of Dr. Willis for about two years, and I am pleased to have him care for my dental needs. Those people who assist in office maintenance are very friendly and happy to answer any questions. The office and treatment rooms are immaculate! I am impressed by that.
Dr Willis is careful to explain why a procedure might be important for both dental health and for improved dental appearance evident in a smile. He takes great care in causing as little discomfort as possible during any dental procedure; he will inquire frequently as to how you are doing. His concern is obvious.
Dr Willis’s dental assistants are friendly and careful to explain what they will be doing. They show concern and try to alleviate any apprehension the patient may have. They help to create a comfortable environment. Those that have prepared me for a procedure clearly enjoy their work, express satisfaction in the career they have chosen.
The quality of Dr. Willis’s dental skill is outstanding. The result is excellent. Crowns feel natural, color is always a good match, mouth feel and look is good. I am very pleased with the outcome of any procedure done by Dr. Willis. My husband and I are 81 and appreciate the skill of Dr Willis in caring for our dental needs. It is important to us that we maintain dental health and good dental appearance. We are happy we found him.
I would recommend Dr Willis without any reservation for dental work needed by children or adults. On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being excellent, Dr Willis rates a 5. I have no criticisms.

GayAnn Mann

Today was my first time having work done by Dr. Willis. I am terrified of the numbing shots and was having 6 teeth crowned in the top front of my mouth. He gave the injections and I didn't feel a single one. He knows what he is doing as he has been doing it for 27 years. He was funny, kind and compassionate. The assistants were amazing as well. I would recommend Dr. Willis to everyone!

Carol Scott

I cannot remember a time in my adult life when I did not wake up with pain in my jaw on the right side, and headaches that ranged from moderate to migraine level.  I thought this was my normal.  I had sought answers from doctors and dentists several times over the years, and it was recommended that I take pain relievers nightly, and one even suggested I take a panic disorder prescription for a week to ease the tension in my jaw muscles, and I would be cured!
Acceptance of the pain and headaches became commonplace, but then I began damaging teeth on the right side of my mouth from the tension and clenching.  I requested mouth guards or bite appliances from my dentist, and was fitted for one that made things go from bad to worse. 
The final straw came when my teeth began noticeably moving, creating crowding and overlapping.  I had seen the office of Dr. Lee Willis many times in my travels around Roseburg, and knew their office also specialized in braces.  I scheduled an appointment, wishing to have regular dental care as well as a consultation for orthodontia.  During my new patient appointment when Dr. Willis came in for the exam, the first thing he asked is if I woke up with headaches.  I nearly cried.  He suggested I likely had issues with TMJ, and discussed TMJ screening and treatment with me. 
I am recently on the other side of TMJ treatment, and I can honestly say I will never regret a single second or a single penny spent on this process.  Within just a few weeks of beginning treatment, my headaches and jaw pain were diminished, and it became rare to have a migraine headache, of which I previously had suffered from chronically.  It is still a surreal feeling to be able to wake up in the morning, free from pain and tension, and with relaxed jaw muscles!
Dr. Lee Willis and his incredible staff not only care about the health of my teeth, but my overall health, too.  They are friendly, always positive, engaging and efficient.  I will miss my schedule of frequent visits with them and the laughs and stories we shared, but am eternally grateful for the work they do, and the dedication to their patients.  My advice to anyone with a similar story to mine is to research TMJ diagnosis and treatment; you will not regret taking a chance on a better way to experience life!

Rachel Amos

Dr. Niles from Niles Orthodontics in Eugene, OR says; "I saw our mutual patient in the office today and WOW! What a game changer for her. I wanted to call and just say that it was great working with you guys and what a great job."

Dr. Niles

I was going to wait until I completed TMJ treatment to write a review but I think I’ll do one now and then update when I am finished with my TMJ treatment. I have seen several doctors and no one has taken an interest in me the way Dr Willis and his staff have. I feel understood and taken seriously. And I genuinely feel they want to help me. My issues are hearing loss, jaw issues, and visual disturbances. Everyone in this office are so kind. I’m never waiting long for my appointment and dr Willis always takes the time to reassure me. This is huge for me because my luck with doctors hasn’t been so good in the past. I truly feel like they all want to help me. The office is so clean and inviting. I really feel like they welcome me here and want to take care of me. That means the world to me because I use to feel so hopeless before finding this office. Now I have a glimmer of hope and it’s really an amazing feeling. So thank you so much! I’ll update down the road when my treatment is complete. 😊 But for now I just wanted to say thank you and let others know what an incredible office this is.

Brady Palmar

Everyone in the office is amazing! My daughter has had nothing but the best of care from getting her teeth ready for braces to getting her braces installed. We look forward to seeing everyone again next month!

Dora Agee

I love these guys! Dr. Willis and his staff make you feel like you're the only patient they have.

Doug Pieschel

I have nothing but AMAZING, experiences from Dr. and his staff! I told them at my last appointment, that they are my favorite place to visit in Roseburg! Super friendly and professional. My girls love going in for their check ups. Dr. is my hero, with the treatment I’ve received so far for TMJ, I am enjoying my life free of migraines and sleep deprivation!!! Thank you guys!

Julia Masner

I seriously love this dental office, the office is so warm and inviting. The staff from the front office to the clinical are great. The office is clean and kept up, it's more like family when you walk in. Dr. Willis is great, honest, and makes me feel like he actually cares and addresses all dental needs. I am glad that I made the switch, and I definitely recommend him to family and friends.

Candace Hall

When Dr. Willis told me he could stop my migraines I was very skeptical. The first week he added composite pads on my molars and that was the first week in a very long time that I didn't have a headache. Now I had no idea that my migraines were caused by my bite being out of wack, I am a believer now and I am looking forwards to a migraine free life during, and after my Ortho treatment. Thanks Dr. Willis!

Jeremy Hall

just want to say thank you for taking care of me! and a very special thank you to casey for making my anxiety so much better you are so sweet I couldn't of done it without you!!

Laura Davis

Dr. Lee Willis and Staff,
What an amazing transformation in the last two years. I went from having migraines several times a month and being off work for several days, as well as difficulty sleeping at night (every night), and just not feeling right - to just having a migraine here or there in the last two years as well as falling asleep every night without a sleeping pill.
I started out with mouth expanders top and bottom for about 3 to 6 months, then on to braces top and bottom for another 18 months. Migraines stopped immediately and I was able to fall asleep without the assistance of sleeping pills.
Dr. Willis and his amazing staff are always helpful and very friendly. I would recommend them to anyone for dentistry and any orthodontia needs

Marilyn Vicari

We love our smiles that Dr Willis gave us. His work is top notch and such a friendly & helpful staff He is the BEST !

Chris Brenda J

Dr. Willis has been my dentist for about 10 years. I have been very pleased with his care . He truly does practice" pain-free dentistry" and his office staff is great!

Julee A

Let me start by saying being at the dentist scares me, but Dr. Willis and his staff made me feel at ease. The office is very inviting and super clean. The office staff is very helpful and explained each and every step of the process. Wendy did an excellent job of cleaning my teeth, and Dr. Willis explained and prioritized my treatment, so it was not so overwhelming. Check out was super fast with Kim helping me through the process. They even did all the leg work and got me in with a specialist immediately. I can not say enough great things about this office. Thank you Dr. Willis and staff


I highly recommend Dr. Lee Willis. Office staff and the Dental Hygienist are also awesome. I rarely have to wait and they great you with a smile. Great job Dr. Willis and staff!!!

Brad A

I took my 2 1/2 year old twin girls in today for their first dentist appointment. Everyone was so sweet and helpful, my girls had a great time at the dentist!! Thank you!

Anna Henry

This is the best dental office! The front office staff (Connie and Terra) are so warm and inviting, and the dental assistants are AMAZING (Casey is my absolute favorite and is SO good with the little ones too). Lucy always does my cleanings and does a great job, and you can't forget Dr. Willis who is very competent, friendly and great at what he does. Overall, this is by far the most easygoing, well experienced, welcoming, and low-pressure dentist I've ever gone to.

Callie Handel

Very satisfied with my first appointment, both the staff and Dr Willis were very professional and I felt right at home.

Mark Brandt

The whole staff and Dr. Willis are so compassionate and kind. My two kids love the staff and they have always gotten us in when needed. Highly recommend this establishment.

Britta VanDehey

Friendly staff, amazing service, they care about their patients. If you are considering a new dentist, this is the place to go!!

Julie Updegraff

Went and saw Dr. Willis for TMJ found out I have quite a few problems with my jaw and teeth. He even discovered a hole in my inner ear, I have been dealing with hearing loss for 10 years. We are cautiously optimistic I can get hearing back after all the work is done my jaw. Dr. and staff are fantastic so very helpful and patient which I really appreciate as I am not a fan of Dentists at all. Best experience ever at the Dentist office for me!

Nancy Gile

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